Friday, March 24, 2017

Help the Voiceless

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I have read about many cruel incidents that involve animals. For almost 2 years now, I am signing petitions created by Avaaz and communities. Something in me just dies a little bit knowing about other cruel humans. Can this all be stopped overnight? The sad truth is No, it can't. However, we can work in resolving many issues which require animals involved in testing various human products. I am so scared to buy anything now. I don't know which products have abused animals to make my health conditions better. It makes me think that my survival must benefit the welfare of humans and animals, but never be otherwise. Aren't we supposed to co-exist?

I used to drink milk, but stories from dairy farms have left me scarred. Call me emotionally sensitive, but that's fine. When I see a glass of milk kept in front of me, what comes to my mind is, what suffering did the cow had to go through! Many stories I have read did not have happy endings, after all, they are just stuck with fairy tales. Cows in the Indian dairy farm are far from the concept of Kamadenu or Goddess of wealth. Artificial Insemination is another cruel fact that burns my eyes. If a girl is being raped its news, but imagine raping a cow for its milk 'n' number of times. 

People working in animal welfare organisations are vegans or vegetarians. Until I read a lot of people posting "Why must I be vegan if I work in PETA?" Call that working for money and not passion. After all following one's passion does not give a high return of interest in financial terms. Happiness and satisfaction can't feed you every day. Isn't it? One fine day, we will have more money and still feel drowned in debt. We will have lots of things around us, but still not use anything. Our hearts will long for that peace of mind which we had during simpler times. 

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My mindset to earn more money to help has changed over time. I felt I helped more when I earned my living with an open mind. As money grew, my mind cluttered as to which debt to close first. Every now and then, when I share something I have with an animal or another human being, I feel at peace with myself rather than spend the money I earned hard on shopping or eating some junk. 

Life has changed over time and animals have played a vital role in it. My first cry would be for an animal any time. My first help will also be for an animal any time. I am not sure if it's my love for animals or it's to end their suffering. Personally, my pets have made me happy many times. They have changed my lonely moments into lessons learned by being my silent companion and even alerting me during difficult times. Just like a mother's love which is unconditional, a pet's love is the same. If you haven't experienced it, I pray that sometime during your lifetime you must. 

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When you can help an animal, any animal, do it! You will be happy you did it! :) 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


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A sense of calm flushing over me,
A sense of silence flushing over me,
A sense of nothingness making me feel free,
A sense of accomplishment making me feel light.

Like a ray of light that enters a broken window,
Like a raindrop on a parched land,
Like the freshly grown first leaf of a long planted sapling,
Like the first smile that spreads in seeing the person we love.
Like that first teardrop that comes out in joy,
Is this called HOPE? :)
Patience is the key to 
many things in life, almost everything. 
Before it is the sense of trust and commitment,
 And above all is FAITH! :)
Excited, yet all I could do is SMILE! :)

Friday, August 05, 2016

Exhausted Yet Happy

Busy yet happy!
P.S: Though at one point it is annoying to think i am writing very little, on the other side, I know I am occupied in preparing for my wedding due in 2 weeks. Writing comforts me! Hence this post.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rewind - July 2016

"Rewind - A replay of the month that went by"

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Dear July,

Where did you go? You went past me in a jiffy. I am blushing and staring at August wide-eyed!

July was a month of fun with cousins, writing, KABALI with family, wedding work and lots of planning for the coming month!

With cousins scattered all over the globe, it was good to meet them again this July. We roamed and shopped in the last week of June in Hyderabad so we decided to enjoy at the theme park. The last time we visited MGM- Dizzee World was during my school days, like 10 years before. Some of my little cousins were kiddos then! *ahem ahem*

I am happy about my writing this month. It all started with Write Tribe's 7 Day No-Theme Blogging Challenge. Though I started it a day after the actual challenge started, I enjoyed posting for the remaining 6 days! Thanks to Corinne!

Haiku, Writing Wednesdays, Friday Reflections, IndiSpire and A to Z Meme were other wonderful ways to keep this blog going. 

It's been quite some time since I read books. Right now, I am spending time 'only' reading catalogs and long application forms. Lucky enough to keep the reader in me active by blog-hopping the blogs I follow and reading articles on the go.

My best friend and her family had come to Hyderabad from Dubai for her kid's summer vacation and she had to spend her whole time at her hubby's place. We clearly knew it was difficult for us to meet this time. One lucky day, I got a call from my her brother who was in Chennai for a few hours before their train back to Hyderabad. 

Uncle was with him and our actual plan was to meet over for lunch since it was doubtful for their visit to my wedding. Just an hour before his call, I confirmed my visit to the seamstress to get the designs finalized. Dad was out that day and mom was half-sick and I didn't want to miss this opportunity to see these guys. It's been ages since we met! I had no idea where I was going to be in an hour. With all sadness, I called uncle and told him I was so packed, that it would take me at least an hour or two before I can start from my home and so I won't be joining them for lunch. 

The next moment Uncle just smiled and told me, "Beta, don't worry! We are not going without meeting you! We are coming home!" I was beyond excited to even answer him! I just told him to book a Ola Cab! :) After an hour, we were all together talking about old times over a cup of filter coffee! :) That was a #BlessedFeeling moment!

With the little family time we got between running around, we went to watch KABALI! *My second time* #Maghizhchi. I am an ardent fan of Rajini and my Rating for the movie is 5/5. I am not rating it only because I am an ardent fan, but mainly because of Rajini's role in the movie. It is simple and that's incredible. A simple man who chose to become the Don to keep things in the right track and lost his family on the process. Obviously, he would search his family and get them back before doing anything else. Wouldn't he? Well, without any argument, this is one of the best movies of Rajini, I would love to watch again! *Mesmerised*

Dear August, 


KEEP CALM Wedding is Coming!

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So, How was July for you?

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