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Letters to My Daughter: You Are Turning 1 Soon!

Dear Daughter,
I am excited beyond measure to write this letter to you. This is my first letter to you and I can't believe you are going to 1 soon. You are just a week away from celebrating your first birthday. This is enough for me to rewind it all and cherish our memories together. My pregnancy was the easiest period until now. From the day you were born, it has been a roller coaster ride. If happiness of the ride is one thing, the head boggling it brings is another. Well, you were not just a new lesson for me, but a whole new subject. I am learning so much everyday with you. I want you to know I am trying my best to be a mother. This is a new role and a responsible one at that. My heart skips a beat whenever you fall down as you try new things, but it takes more courage to just stand there and say, "Come on, Sweetheart!" At other times, the hugs and kisses say it all. You've also taught me again to love without words. Your smile is everything to me.
This one year…
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Blazing Fire

When we sit and talk, It is like a blazing fire, Rising to the ceiling, Slowly burning down every worry, Provoking tears of joy, Hidden safely in a burdened heart.
Life showed us each other, At the most unexpected times, With a thousand doubts we started a journey, With that ray of hope shining so bright, Breaking our walls, we have survived.
Though we don't make the perfect lemonades, When life throws lemons at us, I am glad we love the ones we make, With a spoon of sugar for me  And a pinch of salt for you, Making us understand our differences in the easiest way. 
Life is tough with you, Since you make me strive harder, By kicking up my sweetly sleeping soul, With your sweet yet determined words, That push me slowly out of my comfort zone, And rise up to who I really want to be!
Thanking you is the hardest thing to do, For no one can hate you and love you as much as I do, In all the years I have known you, And for many more that is to come, I will be there by your side, To anno…

My Dear April #GratitudeCircle

April is finally settling down and giving way to May. April had it's share of fun and frolic for me. I love the name of this month. Yes, it's like addressing someone. It's a name(I know) and I feel like talking to her whenever I say "April".

April's gift came at the end of March. I checked it only in the first week of April. I won an Amazon voucher worth 3500 INR from Indi Blogger for the Evion contest . I was on cloud nine when I saw the mail. Though the expiry date of the voucher said 2019, I didn't wait. I was thinking to shop a few books and other things for a while. Lucky, this voucher made it on time. I bought some lovelies with it.
After receiving an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 3500 from @indiblogger, I indulged in shopping big-time! You know I am not a great shopping addict, I had a wishlist and I'm glad it happened quick this time. These 3 for me and a set of Rujutha's books for my sister who started as a Gym Instructor/ Personal Trainer wit…

A step outside home!

I am writing this post before I step out of the house for our first trip tomorrow morning. I better keep it short. I am not just excited, but completely bizarre. Discussions were on from a long time to plan a trip and it never materialized. I guess we are the types who stay put until we completely burnout ourselves and look at each other longingly and say, "Let's go!"
Well, though that has happened in the past, just talking about going out on a trip has kept us away from being as well as feeling miserable. So, that's how our discussions begun. I believed this is yet another conversation "under the stars" which would help us move on with our mundane life by the time we finish it.
As I type this out, I am still waiting to be pinched and told, this is real! We are really going out. As a couple we like travelling and always wanted to travel to as many places as we could. However, all that one thinks never happens because we don't put that effort towards w…

Mad March Moments #GratitudeCircle

March was Mad, actually madder than I can say about it. I will keep the glitches simple since I have sincerely vowed to myself to complain less. I have had enough of complaining that a quarter has already left me drained. I realized one mustn't just have a strong head on the shoulder, but a sensible one too. Though I have a strong one, this month I figured out it has become a little lame. It was ON ATTACK MODE for the last 31 days. Glad, I didn't sit and write this post in March. Strong emotions came out in the month of March. Somehow when I am hurt about something, anger is the first and fastest way to express myself. I became aware of it, this March, though after a couple of personal incidents. Still, I am only glad I learned my lessons.
I didn't journal this month. I actually feel bad about it. I did not make the time to sit and write. If there is one thing I am happy about this month, it's the blog. I am glad I typed in whenever I could and published a few more po…

Blame it on the hormones - Remembering My Pregnancy - Part 1

In the world of eternal planning, some things happen unplanned. My pregnancy is one such. Well, it is true that plans fail, I can guarantee that protection also fails sometimes. My sweet little pie is now 10 month old. She is one of the precious gifts and I am glad about how my unplanned pregnancy is one of the best things to have happened and feels like the easiest period till date. I have been thinking to write this for quite a while and finally decided to type on whenever I can about my pregnancy journey and here it is!
The Only Perfect Thing!

When I sit down and think how it all happened, I laugh at the only perfect thing in my life. Yes, it was my periods. The monthly cycle that follows the 28 day routine without any distraction. It comes and goes and there isn't much to say about it. Guess what, it came perfectly on the day of my reception too. So when it didn't turn up the next month, I was overly curious. We all know, Indian families! My mother-in-law was already over …

Best friends Forever

You guys, Are a sweet surprise, You speak everything under the sun, The bond you share is so much fun!

I wonder how you became friends, Touchwood, I know this will last till the end, How much you adore each other, You guys are better than best brothers.

I know how much fun I make of you two, I know you are each other's go to, You read each others eyes, You two are a blessing in disguise.

The bond you share, How much you care, It is only fair that I say a prayer, For this love to be always there.