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The Little Bubble

We all make mistakes, We all have our own reasons for it, We all can make mistakes, If we are willing to learn from it.
Life is learning right from wrong, As we take each step and move on, Every relationship is a beautiful song, When understood we know we belong.
At times, you maybe right, And I maybe wrong, It would take us time to get along, Silence and pain will make us strong.
It hurts to blame each other, To blow it up out of cover, Something that could be resolved, If we stopped judging one another.
I wish we speak no words, Since we speak only of hurt, Not once of the moments that matter, When we all walked together.
Complaints can bring trouble, It broke the little bubble, we held so close, That we look at each other like foes.
I wish things change again, We all need this pain, To cleanse our minds and hearts, So things don't go in vain.

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November Gratitude 2018

November was the festive month that brought so much light and followed by it were some dull moments. This month changed my thinking. It is in this month that I learnt what it really means to listen to my surroundings, myself and others. To get to the better part of the month, think Diwali. I loved the festive season and this time it was simple for obvious reasons. This month was simple and unexpected in many ways that it taught me so much. Let me dive in to the month for tough times teach me to be more grateful.

IlakkiyaOne reason why I love my days and somehow manage to run around all the time, is because of my baby girl. Last year this time she was 7 months and celebrated her First Diwali. This Diwali, she is making noises and tries to say 'Pattas' (crackers) in Thamizh when she hears one. She enjoyed her Diwali sweets as breakfast for three days in a row and I let her enjoy them. Well, she agrees to brush her teeth morning and night even though she is just biting her brush a…

Top 10 Essentials I Bought for my Baby Girl from Amazon in 2018

When I sat down and listed my purchases this year, I was surprised about my list. I have purchased so much this year. 2018 has been a remarkable year when it comes to online purchasing. A lot happened this year. For a start, I won a voucher for Rs. 3500 at Indi Blogger's Evion contest early this year and my purchases sky-rocketed then. Very recently after the Johnson's event, I am again on a shopping spree! Though I am not an impulse buyer, I realized that I love to buy things that I have set my eyes and mind on for a while.

After Ilakkiya, my shopping experiences have changed a lot. I usually buy only most familiar products for me. I use the same when it comes to skin care products because of my sensitive skin. While for Ilakkiya I was open to thousands of choices online, though I was initially confused on what to buy for her. I am glad I purchased all these things online because I am not interested in buying the costliest products as the best products pushed by the sales pe…

My Kind of October #GratitudeCircleBloghop

October is generally a very pleasant month. It was the beginning of many beautiful journeys and the holidays made this month extremely adorable. The colorful, enigmatic and Powerful Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Durga Maa brought smiles and blessings this month. This joyous month is the best festive season celebrated with so much gust all over India. 

For me, October was an amazing month in itself. With birthdays of loved ones came unknown surprises overloading my month with delightful moments. Right from the beginning, October has been kind enough to me to call it the best month in so long. I was so drenched in October that it had to be Diwali to wake me up and get things done.

I can go on and on about October because it was a month to cherish. Since I don't want to overdo it, I decided to get into the specifics of it. Even though I am posting this after Diwali, will share those dhamakas in next month's gratitude post.
Ilakkiya My darling daughter is now 17 months old. Days and months …

My Johnson's Story #ChooseGentle

I am excited to post about my experience at the cafe meet conducted for Chennai bloggers at Higginbotham Writer's Cafe, Gopalapuram. I am grateful to be a part of such a beautiful gang and definitely I learnt so much from them. I am glad I participated in this event conducted by Johnson's Baby India, promoted from Momspresso hosted by Prerna Wahi, she made it all better.

I met a delightful crowd. It was mostly mothers and they all shared their experiences of motherhood and how we have evolved because of it. I loved listening to each one's introduction and admired the different facets they have as an individual. To me, that day meant a true revolution of women power. Obviously!  Isn't that the reason Johnson's came forward to share their products directly with mothers?

Initially when I was contacted by the host to participate in Johnson's Baby products launch event, I was very apprehensive on why I was chosen. The thing is I don't use Johnson's products…