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The Value of Pain

Pain is different for everyone. When I explain to someone that I am facing an issue with something, I have heard a few people point out saying that isn't an issue at all. Pain isn't always caused by the same reasons for everyone. It is different for each and every person. If I haven't felt pain that another person felt due to a particular experience, it doesn't mean it is irrelevant. 

Similarly, everyone's pain has its own value. It brings a change whether we appreciate it or not. For some it makes them brave, to a few others it makes them get in touch with their vulnerability again and to some others it just lets them open up and stay that way. In some way or the other, it lets us see ourselves a little better than what we know us. If we don't understand someone's pain, it is better to stay silent than sabotage them for feeling that way. After all, it is pain that breaks us and makes us whole again. 
Pain need not necessarily be physical. It could be a wo…

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Here's Why I Chose Mamaearth for My 5 Month Old

Worry and Parenting go hand in hand. As a new mother, I was apprehensive of using most baby products for my bundle of joy. After all, we call them bundle of joy for a reason, right? I got so many recommendations for her, right from the age old products to just launched products then. Seriously, I was confused. I haven't gifted random products to kids of friends. With so many choices, I felt totally lost.

I started my search when Ilakkiya was 3 months old. By then she already had a severe rash due to over-wiping with wet wipes, she used to cry when we used a mild soap(Pigeon) as it hurt her eye, she also got a diaper rash. Well, I was totally crushed to know that I was nowhere close to handling a baby in a soft and gentle manner. I have never held any other baby in my arms, no, not even my sister. Somehow I found them to be cute and adorable and too fragile for me. So, personally and officially, Ilakkiya was the first baby I had to experiment as well as experience everything with.…

The Devil Next Door

I don't have to bear your chauvinism, I take you as a challenge, Everyday I learn what to ignore, And break free to live a bit more!
A woman is not meant to cook all day, Or clean and pop out babies just as you say, You are not a man, If you don't know to respect a woman!
You shout to make us fear, Expecting us to shed a tear, So we will totally disappear, And forget our dreams dear!
You have failed right there, You just put me on first gear! I am not willing to share a word, To you who will think it is absurd.
I will never shed another tear, Instead I will send above a prayer, To save you from your cruel thoughts, For a day will come when you realize what you lost!
You were a king of crafts, You definitely had skill, That does not mean, You can demean everyone else.
You have your own fears, Face them to find thyself, Do not trouble another, For you will never be respected ever!
Life is to enjoy, Why are you keen on planning to destroy, You will live in a void, That you will …

Letters to My Daughter: You are way off your weight chart dear #MyFriendAlexa

Dear Ilakkiya,
I had initially thought of writing monthly letters to you, but I couldn't do it after your birthday. I was troubled with many things, most related to you. I feel so much better now and we are having a good time. So, I really thought you should know what happened and what has changed between us within these months.
In a post here, I mentioned about your weight gain issues. You are a bit off the mark from your birth weight. What this means is, you were 3 when you were born, so per the standard charts you are supposed to triple your weight on your first birthday. Actually you didn't and I didn't know why. I was bombarded with a thousand questions on why you hadn't gained any. Personally, I had not much idea on where I went wrong. I sat and saw your photos over time and you looked hale and healthy just as you do now. I really had no idea where things went wrong. It took me time to realize why you hadn't gained weight for close to 3 months straight.

A …

Why I Must Practice Mindfulness

I have read so much on mindfulness. It gives me a pleasant feeling when I read articles and posts related to it. I read so much yet I am worried about failure. I do it for a few days and once I fail, I lose hope and drop the idea. I am a short tempered person. I hardly follow schedules when it comes to personal routines. At times, I am inflexible. I stress over what isn't accomplished. See I am complaining on the opening note of my post. Don't think this is a random rant post. This isn't. This is a post where I am seriously considering practicing mindfulness.

For a person like me, who gets annoyed at small things, mindfulness and gratitude might be the key. At least from what I have read about it and also felt when I am truly thankful. Parenting has opened a whole new level of stress for me. It isn't really taking care of the little one, it is truly about handling the entire world of comments. I stress on this because I am a mother to a 15 month old and I am afraid th…

Stereotyped! #MyfriendAlexa

I never really knew, We had to cut through, To know where we stand, When it doesn't even look very grand, As a girl child, I am always expected to reconcile.
Maybe I lived in a dream, Without knowing everything was a scheme, When I became a graduate, I never knew I was a marriage bait, When I started working, I never knew it was just to save for my wedding!
I had dreams aplenty, Until my twenties, I rebelled for a long time, I was treated like I committed a crime, All that I need, Is to dream again and sow the seeds.
I must admit, That I was never unfit, But made to feel that way, So I will never have a say, I am here to have a go at it, And preach to others not to fall into that pit.
We the women, Are here to stay, Let our barriers break away, It is our time anyway, Let us teach our little girls to dream, And believe they are always supreme.
Come what may, We must stay With our heads held high And not one bit shy, For who we are, And take pride in coming so far.
We have every right, To question with deep sight, A sh…