Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fitness Report

Morning - TV/ System(games or online)
Afternoon - Light Lunch, back to system
Evening - Walking, time with family
Night - System and then solid 6-8 hours of sound sleep

I am strictly following a tight schedule for ma parents sake to gain weight. When obesity is ruling the world are you really wonderin wat is that i am trying to say! Well i am slim may be the main reason is that i sleep for the exact 8 hours sleep or may be i sometimes overdo it! This is also a reason many will find me always jumping all day! I drink a glass of milk and eat atleast 4 dosa or 4 idlies or 4 idiyapams with amazing side dishes! My mom's the world's best cook (when she cooks what i like!)Hee hee

When it comes to the evening session I find all possible ways to escape from my house saying that i am goin for a walk. My true intent is to explore my area after being so many years here. I know it sounds stupid! Mostly being the pillion rider,i could only find the roads too much for me to think! Because I've encountered lanes with dead ends :( Its just part of my riding experiences. So i planned for a lovely walking session in the evenings. People prefer taking their iPod's with them but i taking my mobile with me so that i can jot down some locations with landmarks which will atleast help me later when someone asks me about the places near ma home. After 30-45 mins of walkin in and around ma area i go to ma favourite shop and do the secret stuff! This particular thing my parents hate to the core! Guess wat??? Eating at the chat shop, i could always find the smell automatically pulling me inside the shop! could'nt help it! So only i do it jus for three days!!

Isnt ma walking idea something

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