Monday, June 30, 2008

Newest postie's first post

Just 5 days(25th June 08) before, I signed up for an account in PayPerPost and on 29th June 08 PPP approved my blog. Before checking my mail I was thinking if my blog would be approved by PPP because this is my second time. I applied for my blog approval the first time and my blog was not approved.

I am very happy to continue my scribblings in a professional manner for some posts and also happy to blog specially about things that I would love to! Just before I started blogging I read some of the blogs. When I checked the entire blog along with the presentation and posts and ads and badges I used to wondered if I can become someone who can write really well. I am basically a talkative person and so I thought I will put my words in writing and my best friend encouraged me in starting a blog. I started and I am so happy to be a part of a big community like PayPerPost. I am also very excited about the "best blog of the day". I feel its a great encouragement for many posties.

I came to know about PayPerPost via some of the blogs I read and from some of my friends who are already bloggers. Initially I thought of working for some call center or some tution center but after hearing about this I preferred spending time writing something that I'd love to instead of babbling about something that I am not familiar with. :) When I earn enough money I would like to save some,spend a little more and do some help. I am not a shopaholic so I would like to spend it for something that I really need and I will get some really good gadgets for me and my sister and my close friend.

I have liked writing about things I know. So I am happy that PayPerPost is welcoming those kind of writings. I am in the first step of the learning process! Kudos to PayPerPost for approving my blog! Thank you so much for showing me something that has encouraged me to make writing a part of me!

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