Sunday, July 27, 2008

Expected richest man in 2009

The history of Orkut, the popular socializing website is well-known. Get to know some really cool facts about ORKUT BUYUKKOTEN, the founder of this wonderful website...

  • ORKUT BUYUKKOTEN today has 13 assistants to monitor his scrapbook & 8 to monitor his friends-list. He gets around 20,000 friend-requests a day & about 85,000 scraps!!!
  • He gets $12 from Google when every person registers to this website.
  • He also gets $10 when you add somebody as a friend.
  • He gets $8 when your friend's friend adds you as a friend & gets $6 if anybody adds you as friend in the resulting chain.
  • He gets $5 when you scrap somebody & $4 when somebody scraps you.
  • He also gets $200 for each photograph you upload on Orkut.
  • He gets $2.5 when you add your friend in the crush-list or in the hot-list.
  • He gets $2 when you become somebody's fan.
  • He gets $1.5 when somebody else becomes your fan.
  • He even gets $1 every time you logout of Orkut.
  • He gets $0.5 every time you just change your profile-photograph.
  • He also gets $0.5 every time you read your friend's scrap-book & $0.5 every time
    you view your friend's friend-list.

Gosh! It's gonna be great if you take more care about the security aspects! :)

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  1. nice information provided.some of ur posts-fonts are not visioble.why is it so?


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