Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best companion during travel

Cabin Cuddler provides the best blanket as the best companion during travel. It is a perfect gift for any traveller and is advisable for people who can't resist the cold weather. I am one such person who cannot resist cold. When I came to know about this product I made up my mind to first get it as it would be of a very great help to me both outside and at home. Cabin Cuddler includes a blanket, inflatable pillow and tote. It is available in two colors, black and cranberry. The most convenient of all is that it is machine washable.

Travelling in flights has become a common thing. Travelling for a short distance in a flight does not need perfect dressing. So travelling in casuals is a common thing. In that case weather is one factor that has to be considered. Blankets are not being provided by many airlines. In that case having a own kit helps us so much. Especially owning a travel blanket will be of a great help. Convenient in the case of working environments also. No more worries even when my colleague keeps the temperature at 60 or 65. :)


The pillow which inflates like a balloon and a nice colored contoured blanket that covers the whole body including the feet which is covered by a patented pocket. Guess what the price is just $29 95. :) Surely affordable is it not? Yup feeling great. I need not worry about the weather anymore.

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