Friday, August 08, 2008

The new look

It has been quite sometime since I wrote something,... I should say that I was lost for words. Well it was a period for rejuvenating myself. With so many events waiting ahead for me this month, I needed sometime off the system to get the dark circles and the tiring looks off my face.. Blogging does not make me feel exhausted but surely my system does.^.^ So took sometime off to follow "The Aamir khan titan style". "Don't have your passport look for more than 3 months" :) Yes going for a hair-cut or some kind of make over is a good option. I feel that "The new look" can boost our confidence and it can also make us strong after being criticized. What's more important is how comfortable I feel in it and what's more "It's my life!!" Have a happy make over!

Giving things a try is not a mistake. Is it not buddies?

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  1. hey miss new look,what is the new look u have got?started seeing olympics?any post abt two posts got approved and one in payperpost also.what abt urs?how did u know that u can do only one post in billiq?


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