Thursday, August 21, 2008

OOPS opps!

I signed up for Pay Per Post and I felt so happy because as soon as my blog got approved I got an opportunity. I really thought this was going to be the case or at least one or two opps (as bloggers usually call it) in a month. But every single time I log in I found most of the opps were always not available to me which means it stays red in color or it would have enough bloggers to post which means gray color. I thought well I dint log in at the right time to reserve my opps. I consulted some of my friends and they told me that it sucks big time. :( -> What PPP does is simply horrible. It doesn't allow the users to change the country name also (hey US people only get most of the opps). Well its simple to move on and prefer other sites. AS the money making business is gaining so much value on the net and its one of the hottest thing to do right from home. But at the same time couldn't believe the sites either. Some sites give false notice or state a minimum amount for withdrawal as $70, but after crossing it they cancel the accounts of users. The scam rate is also high, so preferring sites which are reliable. In that case many opps don't show up. Money isn't the only thing in blogging that's right but sometimes money becomes the in-thing for blogging. Wat is the best way to earn in PPP? Does anyone really have the answer. Do comment about this.


  1. hi,
    the best way to earn using a ppp is to see whether our site is registered with google search engine.then one has to download mozilla fire fox web browser and u have a check for change otpion in that.every day at 10 pm u get opps in payper post but i miss it u should open the link with fire fox and also see that u enable check for change by using the right click on u r mouse.enable it.coz there may be less than 100 slots and it gets occupied and it has happened to me over 7 times.before i get a slot it gets occupied.thats it.what is a shout box?

  2. Hi jay.. i think i've got the answer. I remember when i signed up for ppp, i was a pr4 blog at that time and opps used to be flooded for me! but withen no time i fell to pr2(for the sake of signing up for a paid posts) and there, my number of opps decreased!

    I am now pr0 but yet i get opps.. much lesser than before. I just missed out a $100 and $135 opp this month.. see my blog, ive written about it.

    I guess india time its 7pm to 12pm when the opps flow in, according to me, coz thats when i find them:)
    You got to reserve the opps as soon as they flow in, or else they will go to someone else who is faster than you..

    Hope this helps:) and please collect your award from my blog which is meant only for special friends:)


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