Saturday, August 23, 2008

when words are not just enough....

Any expression is better expressed with a smiley or emotion rather than normal special symbols. But the smilies are not a part of blogger. To display these wonderful expressions in your blog just add this particular code in your template. It's quite simple and looks good when displayed. I found this in another blog

Either check this blog for the procedure or do it from mine itself.

1) Goto Layout-> Edit HTML
2) Find ]]>, and then paste this code( shown below) under this line.

3) Save the settings.

While writing the posts leave a space before writing the smiley code. It will take some time for the smiley to appear in your blog as it did in mine. :)

Here are some smiley codes:

:( -->
:p -->
:D -->
:$ -->
;) -->
:@ -->
:# -->
:k -->
:x -->
:o -->
:O -->
:L -->
:r -->
:s -->
:y -->
:~ -->
:v -->
:f -->
:d -->
:c -->
:z -->

Have a great time with this :z

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  1. hey
    nice one
    but none of the smiley pics can be seen?????


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