Thursday, September 25, 2008

Google's Joint Venture with T-Mobile

It is not just about what Google can do to desktops. Its all about mobile phones and now Google has come up with a slick mobile device named T-Mobile G1. Let me give just a basic touch in this topic. I am not fully aware of the product. But I am confident about the details I am publishing here for my readers. :) To say about this phone, I'll start with the features.

1)Color Touch Screen-- 3.17" 65K colors

2)Along with a Keyboard(popular sidekick model)

3)The first phone that works on Google's Android Operating System.

4) This phone is made by Taiwanese Electronics, makers of HTC

5) Has 3MP camera, GPS navigation(Google maps of course present),Wi-Fi Access and Internet Browser

6) US$179 (planning for a $20 lesser than the Apple's iPhone)

7) Two years data and voice plan(based on contract)

8) Best for regular Google Application users

9) Has all Google Applications like Google Maps,You Tube, Gsearch, etc.,

10) Similar to iPhone's mobile application store, the Android marketplace can be used to download Android applications and programs to the phone.

Many other applications are also present. Third Party applications are welcomed. Hoping Google's joint venture with T-mobile is a success! :)

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  1. hey,
    i think google is set to take up the world by a storm.U should see the true story of internet which they showed in discovery,or try downloading it from the U know an indian named Parthasarathy is actualy behind the whole construction of google but larry and brown have taken the credit,try seeing it or download it in torrent,has four much did u earn from social spark?


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