Monday, September 29, 2008

RJ as a career option

An opportunity for you to make your dream come true.. An opportunity for you to realize your dream as a Radio Jockey(RJ). 'RJ'ying has gained a lot of popularity among youngsters especially for chatterboxes like me, its a dream come true. I have always enjoyed talking and I have faced a lot of situations where people have asked me to take up Radio Jockeying because I can talk non-stop.:) I can enthusiastically talk for hours and hours without losing my energy and spirit. :D Making others laugh is not a simple thing and I have been a scapegoat in certain situations. Well everything comes by experience. Using one's common sense and presence of mind can win hearts easily. Well I will tell you about the event and the place,

Kid's cafe and Big FM will together organise this workshop for children from Oct 1st to Oct 8th at the Russian cultural center. Sessions will be from 10.30am to 12 noon.

RJ Balaji will be hosting this session and will teach the children the fundamentals of being a good RJ.

Aims of this Workshop:

1) Building children's comfidence

2) Teaching them how to make themselves interesting to a listening audience.

Children will be provided with the chance of airing and honing their skills in the session that they learn in the workshop

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