Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's time for shut down says yahoo!

I am not familiar about this site Yahoo! mash till I read about this in the newspaper and a related blog. It's similar to Google's Orkut, the social networking site. It has been a year since Yahoo! started this. This follows a simple invitation process.. If you are a member of Yahoo! mash do read this article to know more


  1. Hi Jay, I added you on my three blogs.

    To respond to your message, I actually dont understand what do you mean by "separators".. You probably mean the sidebar's background? You have to go to the "edit HTML" to change the color settings. There's a lot of free tutorials on the internet.. You need to take your time learning the code. Hope it helps
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  2. never knew mash existed!!..well...its a tough world out there!!..i expect a bye bye yahoo soon too!!


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