Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yet another change!

I just could not stop looking at new templates and I wanna try them for my new blog! Yes I have uploaded my new blog with another beautiful template! Quite surprising about me not being settled still but this one looks good though it has only two columns. Hope I stop my search from now on! :) Grinning at you all to support this template in my second blog Jay's spicy page


  1. I posted on my domain blog about your question on how to put a divider on your blog. I am not sure if this answers your question. Just give me a shout if you have anymore question with regard to template designing. Here is the link

  2. Hi Jay. I am glad you were able to put the divider code. The graphic's white background of the divider goes with it Jay. You have to choose and explore which code has a transparent background or you can change your main background color to white.


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