Monday, October 06, 2008

Blog Makeover

I am right now interested in blog design and so I am figuring out many things about the great HTML code in the Edit HTML section... So first of all tell me how is my blog background? DO suggest some good colors for the sidebars pls!! I am thinking of it.. It will take sometime.. I will post about the procedure of changing the background today evening! I wanna make it understandable. SO please wait for it friends...

It is simple..

Its quick..

So don't worry

I am ready to give a tip!

Hee Hee!!


  1. hey jay,
    i think u should go for a more darker is too bright and it is just a suggestion.
    more ads and photos stuff
    it will be more great

  2. @ subash
    hey subash thanks for the suggestion! I am in the process of knowing the procedure for changing the sidebars!


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