Friday, October 17, 2008

Color Palettes

During my blog makeover session I was trying to figure out certain color codes from other blog templates. When I googled it, I found two good sites that was of great help to me! The two sites had a lot of color codes and it looks great too!Take time to visit it pals

1) Web monkey

2) Colorhunter

Have a great weekend!! :)


  1. Oh my god
    what a pic
    mind blowing!
    u can change the background!
    good work

  2. its fun to play around designing your blog Jay, This is good way to learn the coding. I only knew HTML and through this, I am now learning CSS on my own. Have fun Jay
    Ester's Raptured Dreams
    Ester's Celebrity Blog
    Array Of Hopes

  3. @ Tey
    Thanks a lot tey!
    AM learning and learning!


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