Thursday, October 23, 2008

Games that I enjoy

When it comes to games I have seen a lot of people talk so much about outdoor games.. I just thought of writing about my liking to board games. I love playing a game of Carrom with my sibling(own sister) and cousins as I feel that the time I spend with them is being worth it as I will know both my interest and talent in the game! I spend some solid time with them and it always happens like a tournament in my house. We love taking shifts and playing in teams.My next favorite game is Chess. Though I am not very good at it, I play the game to encourage my sister who is a very talented chess player cum basketball player. My mom and my sister are very good chess players whereas my dad and myself enjoy playing carrom! We also enjoy playing monopoly and various dice games. Ludo,snake and ladder are some interesting games till now!!:) :P So pals i like to know your interest in these kind of games! Do tel me!


  1. hey ur sis is a basket ball player?
    which school?when i am indooors i prefer sllepign and watching television and reading magazines.there was a period when i used to lay but not it has all changed.u knw our college sports secretary is the currnt nationa l champion in carrom?guess who?

  2. @subash
    I know only MS gill re! :P

  3. @subash
    I know only you from your coll! No idea!:)


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