Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Morning

Hi pals,

Good Morning! Oh its morning!

I wake up late thinking its just 7 or 8!

The climate here(Chennai) is nice and rocking

I think it is because I am always sleeping!

Whenever I want to go out

It starts pouring like cats and dogs

And when I drop the idea of going out

I can see the sun smirking at me brightly

What do I ever do

With a climate like this I never want to woo!

Let it rain

I have every(no)thing to blame

Let it fill the nights with joy

When everybody lay exhausted in bed! :)

The climate here in Chennai is really nice and rocking!! Since I am in my holidays and I am just enjoying this funny climate.. When ever I make a plan of going out it pours like hell.. And suddenly it shines like there was no rain! When I wake up in the morning it looks like its really really early! I am amazed when the sun shines and the rain pours together!! And its nice to start the day with a power cut! I almost look like this "cute" turtle in the pic!


  1. looks like you're having so much fun playing with your blog's layout.. Keep it up Jay.
    Concealed Mind
    Ester's Embracing Health
    Ester's Health Blog
    Brief Sentiments

  2. oh my god
    in chennai this climate is making it very bad to move on
    indeed a very nice pic
    great work
    and here the power cut is still continuing

  3. @ Tey!
    Yes tey! Having a lot of fun along with learning! :)

  4. @subash
    Looks like the rain is affecting your job timings!:P

  5. Good one de, its really nice ;)


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