Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its Diwali

This is indeed the most awaited festival in my house! But I will not be able to celebrate it this year! My grandmom(dad's mom) passed away last year and so we will not celebrate it grand enough this year! It used to be fun every year. All my cousins will meet up at granny's place and a pooja will be conducted in the evening after which we'll have the sacred thread tied in our right hand by our granny.. It used to be fun as it will take her at least half an hour to finish it. :) She has to do it for all her 5 children and their families. After which we eat sweets and then we grab all the cracker boxes and go down to the road and burst it with great enthusiasm.. :) It used to be great fun.. I am expecting my cousins today evening.. My aunt will take my granny's position and she will tie the sacred thread for all of us.. My granny always wanted everyone to be happy and so we are celebrating it this time.. Its very important to make elders happy.. We did it when she was alive.. So have to make sure her soul rests in peace!! Well sorry if I have really upset you! Its all memories of the past... Have a wonderful diwali! My hearty wishes to all pals and your families!

With festive mood,


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