Monday, October 27, 2008

Paid Reviews

It is indeed a surprise for me! There were times when I expected reviews from BuyBlogReview, but I used to get none! It all stands with me bidding for a review.. Full stop right there! But to my surprise when I checked my mail day before yesterday I had got two opportunities from them.. I was very surprised and I had to confirm it again! So I logged in and confirmed it! I was really very happy to get jobs from them.. Thanks to them!

Still excited,



  1. I've been interested in picking up some paid reviews lately and have gotten a couple of them.

    I've not heard of that Buy Blog Reviews service. I'd better check them out!

    Thanks for the recc.

    By the way, I made my way over here from The Mortgage and More blog. He thinks pretty highly of you over there!

  2. i have signed for it through u r link,hope i make a few dollars!

  3. Congratulations! Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh, your blog is gorgeous too! Very glittering.... and I love the pretty girl image by the side.... Anyway, do you care to x-link so we can keep in touch?

  4. Hi Jay, good luck to your making oney online journey.

    By the way please leave the URL of the award that you want me to grab so I can post it. Thanks
    Ester's Daily Thoughts
    Ester's Money Journal
    Ester's Recollections

  5. @ Catherine
    Hey catz! thanks a lot for the comment!! :) I have added you to my blogroll! Add me too!


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