Thursday, October 02, 2008

Virtuosity - Virtual Curiosity

In 1999 Los Angeles, an imprisoned ex-cop is given one last shot at redemption when he's turned loose to track down a virtual killer who has escaped the confines of cyberspace. Computer-generated special effects--and a pre-stardom performance from Russell Crowe as the digital killer--enhance this thriller.Though this movie was released quite long ago, it instills interest in you because it shows how Russel Crowe did not really have that much of a screen presence in those days.
It takes you sometime to recognise the machine as Russel Crowe. He also does not have his usual accent that he carries himself around with these days.
But as usual Denzel Washington does carry the movie on his shoulders.
But on the whole it is a nice film to watch provided you 've got some pop corn that u do not want to waste....


  1. hey jay,
    a big fan of Russel crowe?
    same pinch if u r but i think his best is a beaufitul mind.Simply great storyline and even gladiator was good.
    i am yet to see this but i will hit the torrents tonight

  2. Yup i'm a big fan of russel crowe.
    I lik American Gangster a lot.

    Though nothin can beat Gladiator.

  3. This was an intense movie... and you're right, Russel Crowe did a good job being "not" himself :).

  4. @Kat
    that's right kat! :) Amazing movie!


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