Friday, November 07, 2008

American cars vs Japanese cars

A big hi to everyone interested in the american car scenario.

Cars have always played a vital role in everyones life. Be it in travel, style, security etc etc...

Since 2006 in the United States the sale of american cars have taken a hit. To such an extent, that in a renowned car magazine the top ten cars of 2006 were all Japanese.

Honda managed to grab five spots. Toyota and Subaru two each. Nissan had one spot.

With gas prices sky rocketing and the economy swaying lik a baby's cradle havin a roller coaster ride, nobody mark my words well, NOBODY wants to spend themselves in a hole.

With spare parts and labour prices of Japanese cars coming down and competin with American cars, the gas guzzlers of this country, these cars are on their way to becoming history.

Its high time Ford, GM, Chrysler and all american car manufacturers gather to renew the american madness for their cars. Its high time they make the MADE in AMERICA phrase mean something.


  1. Hey jay,
    The biggest thing is GM has cut a lot of jobs also. But i am looking forward to the nano.May be that will the first commodity i will buy!who knows?

  2. true...
    the nano might indeed be the car of the year. and as u say its gonna become a commodity...


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