Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Eyeglass Frames

The one thing i love in my fashion accessory list is eye glasses. I believe eye glasses provide me with a personality that is far above what normal make up can provide any girl with. Eye glasses can typically change the persona within you in a matter of seconds. If you can match a dress with your glasses; there you have it a new fashion statement. Irrespective of the day i would love to go shopping for eye glasses. They are an extremity that i would not let go off anytime.

With the holiday winds blowing with gusto i was wondering what a better way to celebrate this festive season than to get some Holiday frames.

I came across this site They provide the best holiday frames that you can get this year. With the year at an end, this is the best place that i can suggest where you can get quality frames.

From the exhaustive list that i found on the site, i loved these pair of frames. I had a green dress that i wanted to wear for the new year. After laying eyes on these frames i was overwhelmed at how closely they match my dress.

I like eye glass frames that have a variety of designs on them and the above pair of frames have them in plenty. I really enjoyed shopping for new eye glass frames. I hope you enjoy shopping here as well.

:). Happy new Year.


  1. happy new year, from my family to yours...

  2. Happy new year to you Jayanthi. Here is the recipe for milagu kozhambu.


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