Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wishes being granted

It is the festive season of Christmas. All the children out there would love to sit on Santa's Lap. Well i bet all of you out there would have got a wish

Then all you have to do is visit . It is a great site where you can upload your photo. It could be cute, funny or nostalgic. It could be any photo that you like. It would be nice to share your feelings in the festive season. You can also view the Sit on Santa's Lap video. It is great fun to watch. You also get to know the uniqueness of the CEIVA photo frames that are different from other digital photo frames. I uploaded a photo too. It was a photo that was taken when i was sitting on santa's lap when i was 4 years old. Every time i see the photo i get nostalgic and it is cute too. My grandmother loves the photo and so do my family members and I. I loved the Sit on Santa's Lap video on the site It is a pretty good video. I shared it with all my friends. They visited the site and watched the video with their entire family. It was a great video. They then shared it with all their relatives and their friends. They uploaded their photos too. It was great fun. My friends uploaded hilarious photos. They enjoyed the video. It increased their love for Santa.

There is also a contest on the site. A random entry is selected for each day. The lucky winner gets a cash prize of 500$. So people out there try your luck.



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