Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Journey of Life

I have graduated and moved on to a corporate life. The difference has not sunk in yet. However there has been a phenomenal change in the way people view me for the past few months. Times have changed. They now consider me an adult who has the capacity to make it big in the world today.

This seems to be a change for the good. They think i am responsible. The tough thing is to prevent these new roles from getting to my head and sweeping me of my feet.

As the tagline in the Spiderman movie says " With great power comes great responsibility"; I know i have a lot of responsibilities.

I need to find out what my hidden powers are.. :)


  1. first, welcome to the work force :)
    hope you'll eventually find your powers.

  2. Hi jay.. am back girl :) so glad to see u again and wonderful to be here on your blog too! missed u all.. and welcome to the world of hard work! hehe.. take care.. wish u the best new year ever :)

    I have an award for you on my blog.. pick it up soon lady :)

    BTW do u have any orkut or facebook so i can add you as a friend?


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