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A family get together

This weekend was great. First and foremost, I din't work this Saturday and secondly had an excellent get together with my family yesterday. Right from the afternoon it was a blast at my aunt's place. We had actually planned to start off in 3hrs time itself. Actually we were there by almost 2. And we had planned to start off by 5 itself. But that was just not in all our minds. We wanted the day to be a little more longer for after a long time. It was almost 8 when we started from my aunt's place. Right from DUMB-C to Anthrakshari to singing full songs to finding out personalities we played everything that came to our mind. It is indeed one of the best days in my life.!! :)

Happy Gaming with mac games!!

Games are always enjoyable. My sister and I used to play a lot of computer and TV video games right from when we were kids. Many a times I download a lot of games from the net and try to play it all day during the weekends. The best part is the challenges that my sister and myself have during the games, like who finishes it first with maximum points and all that. When my sister was checking out for some latest online games she found free mac games and she downloaded some games immediately. She loved playing "My kingdom for the princess" till she came across Rome curse of the necklace for mac. I have never seen her being so well planned as she has planned for her upcoming exams in a way such that she will have some good time to check and find out how tis game works within a week's mac games and enjoy playing them in your mac system. I always wanted to try working on a mac system. I should say it is simply a pleasure to start off with playing games in that th…

Blog Makeover- Part1

I am again into this blog makeover craze. I am trying to modify certain elements in the blog. Looks like I am waiting for the exact cool looking background for my blog. Though there are hell lot of templates available, I am experimenting with just simple looking backgrounds so that I'll be able to figure out the best color. I am going pink this month. Maybe till christmas. Planned for my second round of change only after Christmas. Pink has been my favorite for quite sometime and just now I am able to connect it. I wore pink dresses the entire week.. Wow!! :) I am surprised. Well, I know a lot of people are into this blog makeover experiments thing. I just wanna help from you guys. How do I get rid of thedivider kind of thing between the posts??

I am not able to add a good looking divider coz of this. Can you help me out? I know this might be silly for many. But I am not able to figure this out!! 

Thanks in advance for your help guys!! :)
P.S: Can you comment about this blog makeover…

Lovely Day @MCity

Do you feel like working on a saturday???

Especially after some 5 hectic days??

And 2 to 3 hrs of travelling required every single day???

Huh! The worst part again will only be the travelling!

Guess what I travel almost 4 hrs everyday( to and fro)

But working today was so enjoyable.

Mainly bcoz of the calm atmosphere that I have never worked in till now in my workplace.

My workplace is one among the most enthusiastic and the best place to work in.

Lively atmosphere everyday and nice people to talk with.

Such a environment exists usually.

But today I enjoyed riding the cycle there and enjoyed walking there.

Today I had sometime to go thru the detailing of the infrastructure there.

Thoruoughly Enjoyed it!!

It's Showtime! Its MYTV

First of all I should thank the person who found the television. Baird is the person who has made our lives more fascinating with his invention. Moreover, the person who found the satellite TV is the one who is actually being praised by everybody at the moment. Imagine watching what is happening around the globe, sitting at your home just by the click of a TV remote. Experiencing such a reality is the best thing I can ever imagine,actually anybody can ever imagine. And the best of all, imagine getting the best and most of it?? These were only dreams so long but now you can watch the reality :)

Wondering what I am writing here about?

Wait till you read about the HD, Sports,DVR,Movies,Local,International options???

May be it looks like a lot of terms for you. But I consider this as the first and the most important selection before finding the right Package to go for in Direct TV.

Yes, Imagine getting a 100+ channels(solid 130 channels available) along with sports,movies and fast picking off…

Sayonara Dark Circles!!

Dark circles are one of the common problem both men and women of all ages suffer from. The straining of the eyes, heavy work, pressurizing work and not consuming proper diet are the basic reasons for dark circles.
I found many tips over the net and got some tips from my mom. Considered mom's experience over years as best and i have consolidated the tips given by my mom and a couple from the net. Here are the best and natural healing methodologies of curbing the dark blemishes under the eye which will not cause any harm to the skin.

1) Application of a thin sliced cucumber on top of each eye for 15 to 20 minutes, twice a day, relieves stress and cools down the eyes.

2) A mixture of almond oil and honey should be applied on the affected area every night before bedtime. You will see a remarkable improvement in two to three weeks.

3) Consume at least two to three liters of water on a daily basis. Water is a very essential remedy in this case and it flushes out the toxins present in t…

Kamal Saab Happy Birthday

Wishing the Living Legend Kamal Hassan a wonderful birthday! There will definitely be lotz of interesting programmes about kamal in both TV and radio! Watch and enjoy it!!

Rhinoplasty- The Nose Surgery

Ever heard of rhinoplasty??

Met with an accident and so you have a damaged nose?

Somebody punched your nose and so you have a bad nose?

Or is it by birth that you have a too long or crooked or too short or a wide nose??

No worries! It's high time since people are sticking to their original styles. Wanna have the natural look? Then here I am to give you certain details about rhinoplasty, the very simple term meaning nose job and applicable for everybody. Don't you fear about anything or feel bad about having a big nose anymore. It is no more an embarrasment. Do you have any idea of how this is done?

Let me get you through the basic details, it's more like introducing a pal to another pal. I am going to make it more comfortable for you as Rhinoplasty Information gives you all the details about what happens and the various procedures they are gonna take you through in order to make your self feel more confident and have a confident look as well..

Do you know the famous Indian Actre…

Children Of God

Can you guess this man? Is he 60 or 70?


Jus in case you are guessing this person's age don't be shocked to know that this kid will hardly be a teenager and that he is suffering from progeria.



A topic that has very lately put me to
hard thinking is Amitabh's character in the upcoming movie "Paa".Cheeni Kum's Director Balki has given Amitabh a bulky role to perform. The fact was the photo which I saw in google news channel.

The kid in the photo almost brought tears in my eyes.I was unaware of such a prominent fact(No calling names like disease. It hurts). Though many believe it was amitabh dressed as a progeria kid what matters to me is the pain of the kid. I was in a shocked state and so immediately i started browsing and found some traumatizing facts about this disease. Here are some details about this:

Progeria is also known as "Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome"and "Hutchinson–Gilford syndrome" is an extremely rare, severe, genet…