Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enter the land of Pandora! :)

I saw the latest 3D entertainer, AVATAR and this is the first time I am watching a 3D movie. I wanna write the review for the movie right now. But I am lucky enough to watch this movie for the second time and that too as part of the treat offered by my TL to the entire team! Good god, this tuesday I am gonna enter the land of Pandora for the second time and that too with my colleagues!

I am happy and I love the land of Pandora!! :)

3 cheers to James Cameroon for giving us some precious moments in the theatre! :)


  1. Yeah Cheers to James Cameroon!
    Awesome and really touching the nerves with colorful theme.

    Usual, depicting America as Super Power

  2. I also love the Land of Pandora and would like to return.

  3. @Arumaga
    I've noticed the notion of US movies. There'll always be a X or Y american waiting to prey their own nation. Do they show the hatred they have on their country or does it indicate that there are a lot of important things that is yet to be taken care of in that country?

  4. @Anonymous
    The land of pandora is the best and I would love to learn the navi language! :)


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