Friday, January 14, 2011

Troublesome Thirteen!!!

13th January 2010.....

I was totally furious......
I started late from office. I reached home by 11.30PM. This happens once in a while! I was wild for one reason, the last time I ate something that day was at 2.00PM... The most frustrating of all was I had to provide support for a install happening during the PST hours.. To the best of my knowledge, I knew it was not going to take more than an hour's time, or at the max 2 with all possible delays included! But but but, I hit my bed only at 4 in the morning!! :'( I woke up sometime around 1 or 2 in the noon, did nothing but was very tired... My day was kinda ruined!! :(  

13th January 2011......

I thought of starting today by 3 along with Priyanka but all in vain!! :( She started but I had to complete some last minute work and planned to start by 4, actually much before that... I started as planned!! Mostly my second plans work much better!!! I was in the Mcity bus stand by 3.55PM.. I took the first bus till Guduvancherry, where I waited for more than 20 mins with a hope to take a bus straight to Vadapalani... But every other route bus was there!! :( Finally got into a bus till Tambaram.. Waited in Tambaram for another 20+ minutes.. Then got into a bus till Kathipara!! :( Finally got into a bus till Vadapalani at 6PM! :( No seat to sit! That took almost half an hour for me to reach Vadapalani bus depot! :( Over crowded bus, annoying kid - he was yelling all through his journey, over loaded bag, almost empty purse... :( I had to spend close to 100 to reach home!! :( Bad bad!!! :( :( Neva waited for such a long time for a bus in so many yrs!! :(

Just relaxed a little after reaching home!! :)
Now going to annoy my maami (aunt) - its pongal and its rangoli time!! :D :D

Hope this '13' sickness drops right here!!

Happy Pongal to all!!!! :)


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