Monday, July 04, 2011


When I expect something and it doesn't happen the way I think it should, I get pissed off. I can't immediately think of the mistakes and correct it the next minute.
Jut gimme a break! I don't want to be the most nice person on earth to all of you! And YES I get totally annoyed if you're trying to act like you're the most amazing person on earth - 0 defect! Crap me!
I don't give a damn who you are! Just stop annoying me!!
And yes if I'm asking you to do something do it properly! Don't act bloody biased! I'll kick your a** the moment I see you(if its within the next half an hour),well I don't really hold grudges(just a nice way to say iamsufferingfromshorttermmemoryloss).



  1. he he :) who brought u 2 dis mood!!! whoever it s, u've written a good blog cause of 'em ;) ;D

  2. OMG your still blogging Jay?? coming here after years.. i was on a hiatus, what about you? haven't been visiting 'Nishas world' either? ;)

    Take care and god bless :)

  3. @Karthi: You know many things n few ppl that make me go grrrrrr!! :P

    @Nisha: I'm still around!! :D


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