Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hate is not the opposite of Love. It is apathy.

I just don't care,
I just don't care what it is all about,
I just don't care what it is going to be,
I just don't care even if someone ever asks me,
I just don't care anymore!
The colors are gone,
The void fills in,
The thud of the heart slowly dying,
Heavily lighted,
I only feel darkness,
I could not feel a thing.
I have stopped talking,
Noise means nothing,
In the tunnel of darkness,
I still could not feel a thing.
Maybe there is a way out,
I am unable to see now,
Out of it now and forever,
Never to return again.
Will happiness ever fill me again?
Will there be laughter heard?
Oh God! Give me the strength for this!
I just want to be out of this! 

1 comment:

  1. The other end of the tunnel will only be light. Life will become good in the years to come. Just keep Trusting & move on.


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