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There's nothing, really nothing

Here I am, shouting out to each and everyone I know,
"I don't want this, I don't want this!"
Every one asked me only one question, "Why not this? Do you have something else in mind?"
I said, "No! But I don't want this!"
Every one said, "If there is something else, then there is a point in saying NO, otherwise this is the safest you have! Every bit worth it! Why no?"
I said, "There's nothing! That's all!"
Everyone said, "You are a kid! You don't know the world. It will be like this only, then you'll get used to it."
I just sat there crying, not knowing the words that I should use to convince the entire world that I want to be left alone.
Every time I get a call, I get a panic attack, who is going to say what now?
Everywhere I went, the question was the same, why NO? I had the same answer which simply got on their nerves, "There's nothing. I don't want this!"
They liked something …


Every relationship is going to have its share of problems,
disagreements and arguments, but no matter how bad it gets,
DO NOT make decisions when you are in the midst of being mad. Now I realize a NO does not mean the end of the world! That moment of madness, hatred, pain, anger, hurt, gives way to EGO. Wait till the angst in you settles to make a decision. No matter if it gets late, but see that you do not settle for OK without completing your thought process (it just means leave me alone at least now) or not sure. People will crowd you with queries, fury and everything there is to cause you only more fear. If someone is truly waiting for your decision, they will only leave you alone but not cloud you with insecure thoughts. To put their insecure thoughts on you might look like a way to clear their mind, but they would not realize your situation or what you want or how you are not able to tell them what you want and your pain at that moment. Its not the other person's mistake e…

Did You Smile Today?

Days are flying with crowded thoughts in my mind most of the times.
Sometimes the mind is empty, craving to think something to keep the days going.
That's when I went to check my task for the day, "Smile once every hour today" - Set a reminder or an alarm once every hour!
I was surprised by the task, a task to smile frequently!
This made me consider re-consider my current state of affairs.
Has it really got anything to do with whether I smile everyday or not?
I was alarmed at my own thought, it bluntly said NO.
What has problems got to do with smile, I thought.

That's when I googled smile and found this very apt picture! :)

This clearly made sense to me! When I really don't know what to do, isn't it right to wait till I get an answer instead of scolding me or laughing at myself!

When do we generally smile then?
What kind of smiles we smile? :) Smirks are smiles too! :D That inner joy sometimes bluntly shown as smirks especially to annoy the one we love! :D

Smiling …

One step at a time

Riya was in Love. Undoubtedly, in Love. She was not willing to accept it to anyone. She was not willing it accept it herself. She tried to push away the thoughts and emotions that made her smile once again wholeheartedly. Truly, removing the guilt she was carrying for sometime after her first break-up. Yes, it had hurt her parents more than it hurt her. She made up her MIND not to involve in relationships for as long as she can, but her HEART believed that she is yet to find the guy she could truly love. It could be arranged too but not definitely LOVE. Her days passed, she moved away from everyone she knew and put herself through train journeys to start over instead of battling past thoughts with long bus rides. She wanted to escape the past ghosts as it was too much for herself to keep thinking the same thoughts which now stood invalid and stripped off her family's happiness and belief completely. She stood alone but she knew she was a free soul now. She was surprised to find sh…