Sunday, December 22, 2013

Truth Table

Relationships are difficult yet they have a beauty in them.
The logic of a relationship with another is never OR, it is always AND and its worth every bit as this is the ultimatum for taking the relationship to even the next level.
Only when both are involved it lasts, otherwise it just does not matter, how hard one struggles.
And that's the truth in a table with 4 combinations.

 Better to be single than being single in a relationship.When you know you cannot do anything about the relationship and you are sure about it, inform the other person about it clearly. Anger is definitely the outcome but gradually it will help recover and work on themselves and a future for self.

When in a relationship, there comes decisions, which is more like an OR Gate. When both are there its perfect, and one is supportive of the other when down, brightens the day and is still a hit!


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