Friday, August 22, 2014

Daily Tools - Day 1 - Learn a new dish

Slowly I am working on my energy level to last for a day. I know there were times when my energy never drained till before sleep. But that's when I never concentrated on problems in hand and my only goal was to be happy today!

Gone are the best days and good things in my life. Well, I want to cut it out right here.

I've drained my energy levels enough and into the drains. Now my entire plan is to consciously work on it so that I can make it last irrespective of the problems.

Today I learnt a recipe with Tindora. It is known as Kovakkai in Thamizh. I choose to have very little of it if made at home till date. But now change of plans!! I shopped myself and cooked it myself today. I am planning for another recipe too with it. For today this is how it looks! :)  unable to share pic! :( however will try and update the post with one soon! ;)

Have a wonderful day!
Do what you love but do it the right way! :)

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