Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Learning never stops

Learning never stops.

As a sample I have learnt a very basic lesson. Every single person on this earth long for the same things when it comes to anything. Happiness is the key to any created moment.

Either we are happy or someone is happy because of us.

Everybody needs a fulfilling companion/relationship.
Everybody needs a happy family.
Everybody needs a happy life.
Everybody needs a happy job.

There is no possible way one can neglect any one aspect in this. If any one is not set right there is definitely an imbalance created in a particular individual's life. And it takes time to heal.

Moreover, a person can't be ready every single time for everything. A person need not be.

Letting go is the best thing. If it comes, its yours,
if not it was never yours.
This is true.

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