Sunday, June 07, 2015

My first product from TBS

Every beauty blog has reviews about The Body Shop(TBS) products. I have always awed at the product reviews! Also, when someone talks about products from TBS I am keen to listen to them. But personally I felt it is a costly affair.

After a lot of buy it or buy it not self-talks, I thought I should gift myself Vitamin E lip balm with SPF 15. I am clearly not a fan of vanilla. So I doubted if I will ever use this. But right from the day 1, I am using this day and night. I have no personal habit of using any product outside the home, but surprisingly I did it.It's almost a week now since I purchased this product. I am excited that I bought this though I contemplated long enough for this. The wait was worth it. T & I were checking out the other common products that we can purchase from TBS! For a start, I am happy with shopping!

For now I feel my lips are softer than before. However, immediately after application I felt my lips get a little sticky. Let me give it a try anyway!! :) I will know if its worth the cost only after regular use.

Thanks, TBS!

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