Wednesday, October 14, 2015

To, Dear Plum

Source: PGW Website

Reading a P.G. Wodehouse book can make anyone lose their senses a little to laughter. The author known for his dry wit brings his presence into our everyday life. I have read "Pigs with Wings" and that's the beginning of my journey with Woody. Right after his birthday this year (15th October) I am typing this article as a dedication to his works. I enjoyed reading Pigs with Wings and I felt I was in the Blandings Castle during the entire read. Also, I found a special documentary about PGW by BBC. And there were so many movies and episodes in Youtube about Plum and his works.

Many authors have indeed praised this wit master, it's certainly a tribute for his impenetrable stories hardly remade by others.
“There is not, and never will be, anything to touch him.” as shared by Christopher Hitchens

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