Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fallible Human Nature

India is one of the wealthiest nation, but not even one resource is managed efficiently here. We either misuse our resources or under-utilize them. Incorrect estimation has become the most efficient criteria of the higher management. The need to say NO has increased in our society which has increased negative thinking because we DON'T know what a YES world will be like. No one talks about what is possible for the chosen timeline but are interested in choosing more than what we can do.
The main reason corporates fail is due to mismanagement and misuse of power by middle management. The other reason is the thoughts of youth is suppressed for the so-called benefit of business. I read a book in which the "Rights of Every Individual" was listed out clearly since we have forgotten many, I felt it is time to re-iterate this. If an organization or educational institution or family makes a person feel inadequate, then its time to sit back and think about ourselves so that we watch down before we take the next step before we watch up again.

An Individual's Rights:

  • To be treated with respect
  • To state needs
  • To define own limits
  • To express feelings and opinions
  • To ask for time before agreeing or disagreeing
  • To make own decisions
  • To say 'I DON'T know' and seek clarification
  • To make mistakes without feeling guilty
  • To hold own values
  • To be listened to when speaking
  • To refuse responsibility for other people problems
  • To set own goals in life

In order to rule the world, we need to learn to rule ourselves.

So many years I was in both extremes in estimating myself, underestimated till now and overestimated way back in time. Now leaving estimations to just business, I feel I want to watch every action I perform!

The statement "To err is human" holds 100% true! As someone rightly said, we learn only from others, either by observing or talking with someone. People around us tell, show and help us think! Right and wrong are opinions based on an individual's mindset according to the situation they are in.

So, accepting the fallible nature of self is the first step in learning!
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