Saturday, March 12, 2016

Why I Quit My Full-Time Job and Chose The Internet to Earn Money?

This post is about my journey of moving from a full-time High Profile Tester job to working from home as a freelance writer. This could be your journey too if you choose to live life on your own terms!

With All the Time I have…

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On the very first day, I felt like all the 24-hours were mine and only mine!
Excited for a week,
I got back all my sleep.
I did not know where I was going,
But that’s what kept me moving.

I turned to my blog for solace,
I thought of it as my only marketplace.
I remembered my teammates telling,
My emails to the clients were thrilling.

My friend told me about a writing opportunity on the Internet,
It pulled me to it like a magnet!
My journey started there with a Yes,
Till now, that word does not bring a stress!

With all the time I have,
I read, I write, I drive!
Moving a step ahead,
After all the troubles have passed!

There is life after you quit your full-time job! I chose it! Read about my journey here as Part-1 and Part-2

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