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Rewind - June 2016

"Rewind - A replay of the month that went by"

Dear June,

You were very kind to me despite my little mistakes. I adore you! There were many ups and some downs this month, but overall I am slowly raising my writing bar for the better. June has been an excellent writing month with Kwizgiver's challenge. Her challenge kept me occupied for almost three weeks straight. I did the last bits just before a couple of days!

This is my last fling before the ring. Most of my family and friends who sent me birthday wishes, have been very specific about this. My sister's a foodie and she brought me one of the best chocolate truffle cakes from the cake shop nearby! We froze it completely. Though it was very difficult for me to cut the cake, it tasted heavenly as it started to unfreeze slowly. Each bite felt like the first one, but mom gave us only half the cake. :D 

Everyone from T's family wished me and made my day. My grandmother had arranged a Sai Ram bhajan that day and I made Jamuns as prasad for all. I attended the bhajan that day and thanked god for making all this possible. 

I took a break from writing to celebrate my little cousin's wedding and it was quite an enjoyment! Somehow, it's last minute shopping that has worked well for me till now. I dedicated the last 10 days of June to family. That was time well-spent. My first flight trip happened in June and now I am already planning my next trip! :P Time spent with my aunt in Hyderabad gave birth to many new ideas. The lovely point that she insisted she learnt from her kids is, "If you have to put your foot down, do it and there's no one stopping you!" Sometimes I really need this!

The trips to Vadapalani Murugan Temple to complete the registration process kept me a lot busy than the previous months. While I signed the Affidavit, it took me a moment or two to come back to the present moment and accept me as I am.

Good bye June! You were so much fun and helped me take another deep dip within myself.

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

Hello July, 

A fun trip to MGM Dizzee World with a whole bunch of cousins is definitely a nice start to a month! With only 46 days left for the wedding, I am excited and nervous at the same time seeing my never ending list of things to be done! All I know is that I am going to be very busy this month doing things that has to be done as soon as I sense it! 


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