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Haikus for Heart prints #writebravely

I had so many plans to end this pro blogger challenge on a lovely note. That too, with heart prints being the final prompt. However, sometimes we plan something and God plans another. Cold and fever had left me drained. So I am finishing my challenge on a simple note now.

I am thankful, grateful and feeling blessed for all your support guys!  Haikus for you.

Your Love and support  Made challenge interesting Making heart prints felt
Heart prints of kindness Sent during our high fever, I Will not forget
At tough times like these A supportive family Is what we all need.
Feeling so blessed To have family and friends To boost energy.
My dearest husband Your love, patience and support  Helped us heal quickly.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

A song for each season! #writebravely

Music has a special place in our hearts. We have that special list of songs for all moods as well as mood swings. Either we dance to the tune we hear on a radio or for the tune inside our heads. At times, there's some random song stuck on your head and keeps repeating itself 'n' times like a stuck tape recorder. Neither does it relate to the situation nor is it your favorite. It is just there the whole day or few hours and goes away!!

Personally, I love peppy ones. It does not just uplift me, it has changed many glum days into good mood days! It is also a stress buster. The best part about this variety is most are meaningless and kick-ass songs that makes us get up and shake our limbs. Like Aaluma Doluma!

There was one particular song that my sister and I kept as an alarm tone and also listened to it every morning religiously. We wake up dancing, sometimes even with our eyes closed. This song was our morning motivation! It is not just good to listen, but also a visual tre…

This Monster in Me #WriteBravely

This monster in me
This monster in me, Does not let me be, She always disagrees, So I never let her free.
I struggle to tame her, That's what stirs her, Her horns grow stronger, As if they were always there.
I let my anger grow, My thoughts go with the flow, I yell, I pout, I get it all out.
The cry makes me fret, Then I am upset, I try to forget, There is so much regret.
This monster in me, Wouldn't let me be, I want to change, Yet, Change sounds very strange.
I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge
#writebravely #writetribeproblogger
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Courage vs Comfort #writebravely

Comfort is not as it seems, You live in your dreams, Sitting and making schemes, Smiling at the consequences of extremes.
It is easier to sway, When the world is before you in a tray, Not an inch you will move away, And in the end you will not be gay.
Courage is a tough process, But it will take away your distress, Lets you develop great finesse, Right after you are ready to confess.
It is a quality difficult to manifest, It let's you do your best, You will definitely feel blessed, For moving out of your nest.
We have all been there. Comfort was our first choice for everything. I have been there. I even stick to comfort foods. Our choices when we stick to comfort can be very limited and even deadly sometimes. The decisions taken in comfort might be hasty. One needs courage to face their own decisions. That's when we move from comfort to courage. We also understand we can't have both which is good when it comes to this.
 What do you think about comfort and courage? Write t…

Disobedience #writebravely

According to many Indian Parents, Disobedience means not complying to rules/laws they set as parents. Being an obedient child means following your parent's rules on top gear without questioning, even if you really want to. Ain't the country like that too now? Then why bother?

How important is it to stand up and raise questions to your parents? How do you know when you must?
I have personal experiences from being called the obedient child to becoming disobedient. However, the terms have differed now. The talks changed to arguments and then to fiery fights before we saw a change. My sister and I see the difference in our parents now. They used to live for the society like many parents of their generation before. The society we live in can make any parent have a negative mindset. Even if your own child is on the right path, the fear-factor of parents can make the child lose it all. Following the society without any norms is also an unjust act to me.
Disobedience truly means
failure o…

Bated Breath #Writebravely

She let out a cry, Looking at the deep blue sky, Her unanswered prayers, Were rolling down as tears.
She didn't like her fate Laughing at her state, She bent and kissed, Her husband's burnt wrist.
Her 45 year wedded life, Made her a strong wife, Not one tear she shed, All along she was their only thread.
Her son came running to her, Everything else went blur, With bated breath he said, "We were misled!"
I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

#writebravely #writetribeproblogger

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Terminal #WriteBravely

Two years had passed since Anjana left India for good. She had left because she wanted to run away from the chaos of her life. Her on-site opportunity was her only blessing. She had not shared her number with anyone. She just lived all by herself and spoke with family who spoke only because she called, not even once did they ask her anything else.
Today she was on her way to India. At the airport terminal she came to know about her delayed flight. She had ample time with nothing to do. Slowly thoughts crept in, as she sat down and thought about what to say when she goes back.
Just before two and a half years, her parents had arranged her wedding. She had to tell them she was in Love, but heavily single sided, waiting for Roshan. He was still not over his ex. To be more clear, his once-upon-a-time girlfriend loves to interfere very much in his life in the name of care. He couldn't see the clear picture.
Roshan and Anjana were family friends who had always liked each other. Their live…

Nostalgic #writebravely

Last October, I skipped a period. However, I thought I must wait for a couple more weeks before deciding or letting everyone know. By Diwali, it was evident and I was asked by my family to stay super cautious for the first three months of my pregnancy.
This year, my once delicate darling is not delicate anymore. She is growing up quickly. She is into her 5th month already. I just took this time to look back to the day when I started from the hospital on Day 3.
Day 3:

I was all set to move from the hospital to my mother's home that evening with my delicate darling wrapped in pink. Though I had read so much about parenting and babies, everything in front of me was very new. I just let go of it all, completely adhering only to my little one's schedules that she set for herself.
Though I had a normal delivery, I was so tired and couldn't move around much. I felt as if my pelvic girdle was hanging on both ends. I even thought if Cesarean would have been a better option.
Day 9: 
We n…

Why We Must Attempt New Things Every Now and Then?

I love patterns. Be it as doodles or in saris. I am not a good artist. My Engineering graphics 3D assignments are the only ones I can proudly call as my experimentation with drawing. The casual art stops with flowers. I would rate my culinary skills better than my rangolis. Somehow, I am fond of patterns. I could admire paintings for hours for its beauty, but cannot do one myself. Since I never draw much, I don’t have anything to color. During pregnancy, I read about how coloring relaxes the mind. I love Mandala art and doodling patterns. The base of any art is a black pen. I love black color. The only reason that existed for me to go ahead and try.

One fine day, I wanted to doodle. I tried to push it away, but the urge was very strong. Recreating art was not my idea. So I skipped seeing Images in Google and directly opened YouTube. I searched for ways to doodle easily. More than 1000 videos popped as a result of my search. When I previewed one of the videos, the original poster starte…