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Disobedience #writebravely

According to many Indian Parents, Disobedience means not complying to rules/laws they set as parents. Being an obedient child means following your parent's rules on top gear without questioning, even if you really want to. Ain't the country like that too now? Then why bother?

Everything Starts at Home, isn't it?

How important is it to stand up and raise questions to your parents? How do you know when you must?

I have personal experiences from being called the obedient child to becoming disobedient. However, the terms have differed now. The talks changed to arguments and then to fiery fights before we saw a change. My sister and I see the difference in our parents now. They used to live for the society like many parents of their generation before. The society we live in can make any parent have a negative mindset. Even if your own child is on the right path, the fear-factor of parents can make the child lose it all. Following the society without any norms is also an unjust act to me.

Disobedience truly means
failure or refusal to obey rules or someone in authority

Every generation will have a set of parents who will suppress their kid's choices and not listen to them. Similarly, every generation will also have parents who completely kneel and listen to their kid's requests. Parenting is not an easy task. Isn't it the same with growing up? Until the kid in us wakes up, we cannot truly be a parent.
I stand up for my rights!

Times change. How my grandmother lived, how my parents lived and how I live has so much difference. To think about my child's life scares me now. Still, there is this ray of hope with the present generation. They don't mind being called a disobedient child. They stand up and ask questions. At times, even if it is not their parents, they speak-up to anyone who listens. That's why we must allow them to speak-up as parents. Above all, we must truly know the difference between a non-cooperating child and a disobedient child. In today's revolutionary world, every person has the right to stand up against injustice, even if it is about taking a break from their monotonous classes.

Parents accepting their mistakes before their kids when we do one, will encourage them to open-up. As a mother, I am slowly understanding how influential my being is becoming. I know some parents who force their kids into some random classes only because their friend's child is there. If my child wants to join a guitar class, I don't want to predestinate her to become a rock-star. They can still become that martial art instructor who can play a melody to rejuvenate themselves. 

Let's teach our children to stand up against injustice, instead of terming them as disobedient or obedient children. If they don't stand up for their rights, they can never stand up for others.

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  1. This is perfectly described. In all times there is a mixture of people living in the society. Some supressing their children while others encouraging their children. Parenting keepks on changing with changing times.

  2. Yes knowing kids choice and what they want is needed, pressurizing is really disobedience in terms of kids.

  3. Well written Jayanthy!
    I echo your views. Like we've changed our dressing , gadgets and more with time it is time parenting styles change as well.

  4. Sifting through the sands of time, the changes in the parenting style also had changed the definitions of the obedience and disobedience.
    Thoughtful pondering Jayanthy!
    - Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  5. Our societal norms are such that not following the parents is labelled as disobedience. Parents were pretty tough earlier, but have seen that with changing times, they have changed their outlook as well. But of course, this journey has not been an easy one!

  6. I totally agree with you. There have been plenty of times when I have blindly followed my parents even when I did not agree with their ideas or points of view simply because I did not want to be disobedient. There have been far-reaching disastrous results for that.

    Today, I am ready to take them and most elders on, when I see an injustice done. I would rather be disobedient than guilty

    1. Well said Doc. I am on the same boat too.

  7. Every child is unique. I don't understand why parents compare their children with others.

  8. Such a nicely written post, Jayanthy! The point that you have raised is perfect in today's times as well in times to come. Although, the times are changing, the mindset that of parents is not keeping pace with that of changing times. Hopefully, there are many parents who understand this.

  9. "If my child wants to join a guitar class, I don't want to predestinate her to become a rock-star. They can still become that martial art instructor who can play a melody to rejuvenate themselves."
    this line gave me goosebumps., do not know why.. may be something missing in my life...
    thoroughly admired your thoughts and could not agree more. Applause!

  10. Wonderful thoughts! Parenting and growing up is tough and with every generation there were different problems. Only way is to keep lines of communication open.

  11. Wonderful thoughts here, you speak my mind when you mentioned - about extra classes in sheer competition. Obedience or Disobedience vary from age to age & generation wise. It's always necessary to see what is the Priority.


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