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A notable month #GratitudeCircle

Ah. I was waiting to start this post tomorrow only to realize it's February. Though the shortest month, this one was really long for me. As I write this, I am still wondering if I really had any notable moments this month. I believe the whole month is notable, mainly because I "noted down" everything 😛

Lucky that I made time to journal this whole month. My unusually good memory took a back seat because of the busy mode this month. Apart from the regular errands, I had to focus on Ilakkiya's medicines and new food results for the first half of this month. Since Husband was on a work trip some of his tasks took priority too. I am glad I read it all before writing this post. I am happy to see that I had many wonderful moments this month. The more I work to simplify my life and myself, the more complex it is becoming. I am considering it as a good sign personally because I am becoming aware of myself.
Ilakkiya's fever kept me occupied for the first two weeks. She ne…

#WednesdayVerses: Shadow of our Love

Life today isn't what it was Before a couple of years, With pain engulfing me, Not knowing what the next turn is about to bring.
From being the confused soul To becoming the firm believer, I have been through it all, To understand I belong with you!
We stayed away, To know what it really means, We walked away because We didn't want to hurt each other.
Though we knew it from the beginning, We are meant to be, We had been through enough, To believe in this sweet ecstasy.
When we let things be, And broke our walls, We found each other, And laughed at our choice.
We married with blessings from all, A splendid surprise after a long haul, As Man and Wife our journey began, Enjoying each moment as much as we can.
Even as Life twists and turns, And even now some words burn, You and I walk together, Making this is our package altogether.
The arrival of our bundle of joy, Has made us laugh more and enjoy, All her giggles and snuggles, Is more than enough to make her our new Valentine.
Watching the shadow play in our …

#WednesdayVerses: That Calming Effect

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It isn't easy to stay silent, Amidst chaos, Inside as well as out, But, I have no choice.

Anger rising slowly, As I hold it all in that deep breath, Waiting to let it go, But all I do is push it aside.

Words can be wronged, It's the same with feelings, When you let them out to those who don't understand, It does not hold any value.

Tears make more sense, Those who don't understand today, Will know someday, That I don't have anything more to say!

It's better to let it go, Than to make others see your point, Which some never understand, Until they bother to listen.

As I realize this, A sense of calm enters me, Tells me that I have me, The best company!

Prompt: Calm

Joining Vinay and Reema for #WednesdayVerses.