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My Dear April #GratitudeCircle

April is finally settling down and giving way to May. April had it's share of fun and frolic for me. I love the name of this month. Yes, it's like addressing someone. It's a name(I know) and I feel like talking to her whenever I say "April".

April's gift came at the end of March. I checked it only in the first week of April. I won an Amazon voucher worth 3500 INR from Indi Blogger for the Evion contest . I was on cloud nine when I saw the mail. Though the expiry date of the voucher said 2019, I didn't wait. I was thinking to shop a few books and other things for a while. Lucky, this voucher made it on time. I bought some lovelies with it.
After receiving an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 3500 from @indiblogger, I indulged in shopping big-time! You know I am not a great shopping addict, I had a wishlist and I'm glad it happened quick this time. These 3 for me and a set of Rujutha's books for my sister who started as a Gym Instructor/ Personal Trainer wit…

A step outside home!

I am writing this post before I step out of the house for our first trip tomorrow morning. I better keep it short. I am not just excited, but completely bizarre. Discussions were on from a long time to plan a trip and it never materialized. I guess we are the types who stay put until we completely burnout ourselves and look at each other longingly and say, "Let's go!"
Well, though that has happened in the past, just talking about going out on a trip has kept us away from being as well as feeling miserable. So, that's how our discussions begun. I believed this is yet another conversation "under the stars" which would help us move on with our mundane life by the time we finish it.
As I type this out, I am still waiting to be pinched and told, this is real! We are really going out. As a couple we like travelling and always wanted to travel to as many places as we could. However, all that one thinks never happens because we don't put that effort towards w…

Mad March Moments #GratitudeCircle

March was Mad, actually madder than I can say about it. I will keep the glitches simple since I have sincerely vowed to myself to complain less. I have had enough of complaining that a quarter has already left me drained. I realized one mustn't just have a strong head on the shoulder, but a sensible one too. Though I have a strong one, this month I figured out it has become a little lame. It was ON ATTACK MODE for the last 31 days. Glad, I didn't sit and write this post in March. Strong emotions came out in the month of March. Somehow when I am hurt about something, anger is the first and fastest way to express myself. I became aware of it, this March, though after a couple of personal incidents. Still, I am only glad I learned my lessons.
I didn't journal this month. I actually feel bad about it. I did not make the time to sit and write. If there is one thing I am happy about this month, it's the blog. I am glad I typed in whenever I could and published a few more po…