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Do You Want to Live Clean Today?

Cleaning is a routine that takes away most of our time. Some enjoy cleaning whereas others don't. Many of us would have followed forums and bookmarked never ending list of tips to "maintain a clean home". However, those are great to read and follow for the first time, but a few weeks later we are back to square one when it comes to a cleaning routine. I have also received many suggestions about getting help from companies. I have always been very apprehensive of them. In today's busy world, where both parents work and travel in short notice, cleaning is a job worth outsourcing. However, some doubts still come and go:

How could you let someone clean it up for us? Is it necessary to let someone do the cleaning?Would someone really take so much care like us? (Even if we hardly do it once a week or sometimes once a month)Is it really worth the money spent? Well, sometimes it is needed. Honestly, a full thorough house cleaning is much like giving your home some well-deser…

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake Up!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up! It is time to rise and shine, Stop thinking you are not worthy, For heavens, stop believing what others say you are!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up! Why listen to people who call you unlucky, When you carry courage in your heart And kindness in your soul!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up! Some words hurt deep, Some actions might too, So never forget you are your first friend!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up! If you love being the corporate homemaker, You know what you want, You have every right to chase your dreams, And live them too!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up! If you are a housewife, Spending your life within four walls, To build this love nest we call our home, You must allow yourself to follow your dreams!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up! You deserve a partner who respects you, Adores and celebrates you, For you are God's angels, A unique blend, fragile yet strong!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up! Chin up, smile and look at you, You will see a precious gift in front of you, A woman with a bright smile, Who makes it all worthwhile!

Letters to my Daughter: On your first birthday

Dear Ilakkiya,
A year has gone by,
Since you came into our lives,
We enjoy every precious moment,
All the simple things once again.
We wanted a little angel,
And we were blessed with one,
We realized someone so little,
Could occupy all the space in our heart.
The once upon a Time sleepless nights,
Are beautiful memories now,
Those moments I watched you sleep,
Came out as beautiful poetries.
We love you with all our heart, mind and soul,
For you are a blessing in our lives,
Happy birthday Darling,
Stay as blessed as you are now!
Love, Amma & Appa

I saved this letter for today. Happy birthday my sweetheart! Have many blessed moments today and forever.

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Wednesday Verses: A Different Light

At times, Life isn't what we think it is,
A loss makes us see it in a different light,
Some deaths make us see the bright side,
Whereas others shatters our core.
Life is different after the loss of a loved one,
The one who treated us dear,
The only one who trusted us through tough times,
Life isn't going to be the same again.
Life has come to a standstill,
We don't have a path to travel,
Life without you is not what we need,
It hurts deeply and we feel daunted.
Life shattered all faith we had,
Hope doesn't look strong anymore,
All we want to do is sit and cry,
At the empty days ahead of us.

Prompt #16 is “Different
Joining Vinay and Reema for #WednesdayVerses.

Letters to My Daughter: You Are Turning 1 Soon!

Dear Daughter,
I am excited beyond measure to write this letter to you. This is my first letter to you and I can't believe you are going to 1 soon. You are just a week away from celebrating your first birthday. This is enough for me to rewind it all and cherish our memories together. My pregnancy was the easiest period until now. From the day you were born, it has been a roller coaster ride. If happiness of the ride is one thing, the head boggling it brings is another. Well, you were not just a new lesson for me, but a whole new subject. I am learning so much everyday with you. I want you to know I am trying my best to be a mother. This is a new role and a responsible one at that. My heart skips a beat whenever you fall down as you try new things, but it takes more courage to just stand there and say, "Come on, Sweetheart!" At other times, the hugs and kisses say it all. You've also taught me again to love without words. Your smile is everything to me.
This one year…

Blazing Fire

When we sit and talk, It is like a blazing fire, Rising to the ceiling, Slowly burning down every worry, Provoking tears of joy, Hidden safely in a burdened heart.
Life showed us each other, At the most unexpected times, With a thousand doubts we started a journey, With that ray of hope shining so bright, Breaking our walls, we have survived.
Though we don't make the perfect lemonades, When life throws lemons at us, I am glad we love the ones we make, With a spoon of sugar for me  And a pinch of salt for you, Making us understand our differences in the easiest way. 
Life is tough with you, Since you make me strive harder, By kicking up my sweetly sleeping soul, With your sweet yet determined words, That push me slowly out of my comfort zone, And rise up to who I really want to be!
Thanking you is the hardest thing to do, For no one can hate you and love you as much as I do, In all the years I have known you, And for many more that is to come, I will be there by your side, To anno…